MorOccan angel ©؛°¨غرامي فعال ¨°؛©

السـ ــــــــــــــــــلام عــــــــــ ـلــــ ـيكم و رحمة الله
In ONLY IN ENGLISH we shall use English to express ourselves , exchange our ideas, & learn from each other . we will never judge you if you make mistakes because the only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing

In this space we are all learners & we are all teachers

Hope you enjoy your time with us

MorOccan angel ©؛°¨غرامي فعال ¨°؛©

مــــ ـرحبا بالجمــ ـيع
للتوضيح فقط هدا الملتقى نكتب فيه ونتكلم في بالانجليزي فقط
لا نريد لغات أخرى
وهدا أول و آخر رد باللغة مغايرة للانجليزية
هدا فقط لكي نساعد من لا يجيد اللغة الانجليزية على تعلمها بسرعة و نكون له خير عون
ولنطور مستوياتنا نحن أيضا

كيووت كوول ©؛°¨غرامي متألق ¨°؛©

that is a good idea

thank you so mutch

we will profit to learning a new words

MorOccan angel ©؛°¨غرامي فعال ¨°؛©

yOu welcOme
Yes, my sister.

we Learn a lot
And recognize each other superbly

! همسة غلا ! ©؛°¨غرامي ذهبي¨°؛©

thank you so much

this is a good effort

and we hope all the peaople who will a ttend here

tuch the deep point wich is to learn more an more about ESL

SO WE ARE SO HAPPY for this a free space

MorOccan angel ©؛°¨غرامي فعال ¨°؛©

in this space
to learn more about english language
i hope to give us knowledge about english
your friend azzeddine

GentlE MaN ©؛°¨غرامي مجتهد¨°؛©

because the only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing

U absolutely Right, we get nothing if we don't tell us what wrong we have

Dear, azedine9madridi
your subject always wonderful
I really would 2 learn a lot of words & when I should 2 use them in specific situation


That's only what i would 2 comment on
thank you, sister


Your student: G.M

MorOccan angel ©؛°¨غرامي فعال ¨°؛©

yes sure friend
we also need to learn english language
cause its famous language in the wOrld
so we must to know the mistakes about this language

GentlE MaN ©؛°¨غرامي مجتهد¨°؛©

go a head

means ?

that's first point

MorOccan angel ©؛°¨غرامي فعال ¨°؛©

its mean : faithfuly or my friend or darlin
you understand?

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