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best regards for u

i belive in that word
that we must depend on the rule\s we made
which we livedand we usedto live by
i dont need to pay
i dont need to work in here as judge
i wont pay
and i wont ask for help
i will depend on my well
on myselve
i shall learn more than langugae
and start preparing for travelling to dubai
and working there in arbitration
i will make good life
and i will help the others
i shall do
have a nice time sis
sea u later
thnx for ur words

"AsoOoLa" ©؛°¨غرامي مشارك¨°؛©

that's realy awesome

just keep going and be an optimistic

then u will find all what u want infront of ur eyes

Dubai is a great city,good choice maaan

and good luck


gamil45 ©؛°¨غرامي مشارك¨°؛©

hope so
it is still a secondary choice
the main choice wont be changed until it be missed
being a judge
hope so

so can i know more about u ?
dont tell me i dont know how to do it

just let ur fingers free and they will write

"AsoOoLa" ©؛°¨غرامي مشارك¨°؛©

المشاركة الأساسية كتبها gamil45 اقتباس :
hope so

so can i know more about u ?
dont tell me i dont know how to do it

just let ur fingers free and they will write

u r reading my thoughts ,maaan

i should run away


just kidding as always
sorry again for being late>>>

first of all u did not tell me about ur result!!!
i hope it is A+ , i am fond of English
i like to use it in writing
i like to learn every thing new mmmmm what else!!

my rule in life is just be ur self
i do not trust on people easily
as i faced many trubles that gave me lessons that never ever trust any one easily

there should be tests

i am friendly , polite but i can say strong
i have principles to fight for

i have a bad side on my character as i am a moody person

oops, i think i revealed every thing

o.k its ur turn now

gamil45 ©؛°¨غرامي مشارك¨°؛©

welll that was short cut info
it seems we got many thing in common
i got principles to fight for too

i dont belive friendship needs test
as i belive it came as a gift from god
i knew many friends
i managed to help them in many ways
to get back to some of them the trust in them selve
and others who lsot every thing
and think they cant live again
others whom had bad tests in life
like love failure ETC
i managed to be friend
not just a friend
but a special friend to them all
that waht makes me think people doesnt meet by chance
it was destin for them to be met
some of them are gifts
some of them are punishment
so if allah love u
he will sent u things or
somone make the life easier on u
i will tell u more by tomorrow
sorry i am in intrnet cafe
and my intrnet service will back at home in 5 days
so we will have the cnahce to talk adn know more about each others

by the way

my sister wedding gonna be in coming wednesday

wish u good luck
have a nice time
sweat dreams

غَالِي الأثْمَان ღ ودارت الأيام ღ


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