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Patriotism and its adhesion and a sense of belonging to him, feeling an instinctive instinctively prevail organisms and sits where humans and animals, as that man loves his homeland and familiar live and come to him when after him, the animals are also consisted places livelihood and their headquarters and whatever migrated from their homelands during some seasons, is soon to return miss it.
Because the human love for his homeland encroachment planted where it is not necessary to be a nation committee full of natural beauty intertwined where trees and stretches at home green spaces and explode in the shores fountains of water, so he loves his sons and Icbthoa it, it may be home dry, barren land, harsh climate, inflame Adima the blazing sun, and blocks the noses donations dust rising, and burn the faces of the pages هجيره burning, and may be land prone to earthquakes and the eruption of volcanoes, or be a field of hurricanes and floods, or other features of topographic and climatic conditions that alienate them people usually, but back home, in spite of all this , remains in the eyes of his sons lover and cherished dearly, no matter no matter how evil priest. It is the old sayings saying: «not for the nation and his love for ruining a bad country.
But does the nation really knows his sons love him? Does the country really knows that Habib Aziz and gal on his family? That love for any one or any thing, it is not enough to have been مكنونا inside the chest, and must be disclosed, not only by ferry, but already, so that the beloved knows his status and the amount of love Webmasters him. The home is no different in this country needs to conduct my sons proves his love for him and their attachment to it.
If the love of the homeland instinct, expressed the acquisition and learning and skill, do we have for our children develop knowledge have the ability to practically disclosure of their love for their homeland?
Did you taught them that patriotism requires that take the initiative to offer his favor their own interests? Please feel free to donate some of their money for project serves his favor? Or contribute some of their time or effort in order to complete the project benefit from it? Are you taught them that patriotism means forcing self commitment بانظمته so and had opportunities to escape them, and commitment to preserve the environment and public installations, even if

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بارك الله فيك

الافضل طرح الموضوع باللغه العربيه ليتسنى للجميع قرائته

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أدوات الموضوع
طريقة العرض

موقع غرام موقع سعودي خليجي عربي يحترم كافة الطوائف والأديان ومختلف الجنسيات
جميع الحقوق محفوظة منتديات غرام
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جميع الحقوق محفوظة منتديات غرام
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